Digital Marketing in the Times of COVID-19

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Digital Marketing in the Times of COVID-19

Digital Marketing: The Pragmatic Shift For Businesses

Given the prevalent conditions due to the outbreak of COVID-19, a significant number of businesses have started to operate remotely. Business owners are resorting to digital mediums for marketing their brands, products, and services. In the coming days, we all shall see how Digital Marketing is going to help these organizations sail through the current times.  


With the already tail spinning economy due to the worldwide lockdowns,  even the biggest names in the business sector are suffering.  This pandemic has spared no industry. Almost everyone is equally affected.  Live events have been canceled, sales have drastically spiraled down, exhibitions and events have been called off snatching away the only chance of annual networking from organizations. 

Hence, a ginormous number of organizations are looking at Digital Marketing as the resilience to cope with prevalent challenges that face their business. As everyone is saving the time spent on traveling and other day-to-day activities because of working from home, they are spending relatively more time on the internet and social media. The chances that they would see a Google or Facebook Ad and respond with it are way higher in comparison to a normal day. 

Hence, it is pragmatic for companies to shift their marketing strategies to the digital platform. However, one thing that every marketer should remember is that this is not the time to exploit businesses in the name of returns. They should focus on the long-term goals that are mutually beneficial for their clients as well as themselves. And, the COVID-19 outbreak has seemingly opened a lot of doors for every digital marketer. 

This is the best time for marketers to carry out a research focusing on the changing behaviors of the consumers. They should launch marketing campaigns focusing on these changes. These campaigns should be used to create awareness amongst business owners regarding the importance of Digital Marketing in the times of COVID-19. 

Digital Marketing Strategies To Earn Success During COVID-19
Digital Marketing Strategies To Earn Success During COVID-19

Digital Marketing Strategies To Earn Success During COVID-19

There are numerous ways through which digital marketing strategies can be implemented for the benefit of businesses. A handful of them are as follows:

  1. This is the best time where readers are likely to interact with content. Marketers can serve a judicial mix of content as well as other media to their consumers. Podcasts are growing in popularity and can also be easily re-purposed as blogs and videos. 
  2. The use of social messaging apps is surging. Hence, they can be used by businesses for reaching out to their customers directly. Brands should start marketing their products and services through these applications and use them to offer an enhanced experience to their customers.
  3. Brands should integrate voice and image search options into their digital marketing strategies to increase their reach to the audiences. This should also help them in enhancing their brand recognition and visibility. 
  4. This is the best time to invest in brand marketing initiatives. Since more and more consumers are likely to e-commerce platforms it is imperative for brands to carve an identity for themselves in the online marketplace. 
  5. Investments in direct-response advertising shall also increase given people are widely using Google and Facebook these days. Both these giants occupy all possible platforms for media sharing and consumption. Hence, marketers should likely increase their digital endorsement budgets in the coming days.
  6. Businesses will make use of online webinars and similar modes for business networking. Hence, marketers should devise strategies to generate traffic and leads by hosting such digital events. 


While there will be a few digital marketing tactics that will see an instant boom, some will not continue to work as effectively. For instance, big-budget marketing initiatives such as influencer marketing will see a downfall given the heavy investment they demand. Hence, it is imperative for marketers to gauge all the do’s and don’ts.

Do let us about any other way through which you think Digital Marketing can help the economy and the businesses. If you find our suggestions useful, do share with those who you think may benefit from reading our blog.  

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