How to Easily Attract Customers Online?

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Attract Customers Online

If you are selling your products or services from a virtual storefront, a strong presence in the digital world along with a potent marketing strategy is mandatory for attracting customers and retaining the old ones.  

By using a combination of pragmatic techniques, you can generate both quality and quantity traction for your digital business. You can also increase the conversion rate of the visitors and meet your organizational objectives.  

Although, there is no dearth of tactics to attract more customers on a site, to identify the one that leads to the greatest impact can be challenging.

And, to help you deal with this challenge we bring some insights from the leading digital marketers of the industry. These tips, when combined with your digital marketing strategy, will show you how to easily attract customers online? 

Easy Ways to Attract Customers Online

Once you have launched your website, endorsed your services, you can start practicing these steps to gain traction online.

1. Leverage the Power of Social Media

Internet users spend a considerable share of their active hours surfing social media websites, browsing through product endorsements, and watching sponsored videos. Hence, it will not be incorrect to say that social media channels play an impactful role in influencing the purchase decisions of the audiences.  

Hence, if you overlook the importance of social media in attracting your customers online, there is no chance you will succeed in the pursuit. You can begin by reaching out to your connections on any social media channel. These connections turn into your customers easily as the level of awareness and reliability is already high. 

You can post creatives related to your products at regular intervals.  Or you could also resort to the Direct Message Marketing method where you sell online by reaching out to people through direct messaging. 

You can also look for fan pages that endorse the products or services which are your primary offering.  The followers of these pages are your desired audience base. You can reach out to the admins of the fan pages for collaboration. These usually happen on a paid basis but prove to be way cheaper than running advertisements.   

You can also run targeted ads on platforms like Facebook. After carrying out a little research with respect to demography, buying patterns, geography, etc. you can run a couple of Facebook advertisements. These ads besides generating leads have a high conversion rate as well because they target a very niche community of users. You can reach out to marketing agencies who can strategize an advertisement campaign for your online business.  

2. Build a Strong Content Strategy

You can start writing blogs about the products and services that you offer and post them on your website. You can create topics around the interests of your audience base. For example, if you are dealing with tech products, you can post gadget reviews and tutorials. While you ask your viewers for their opinion, remember to add a CTA with your blogs. Once you have built the appropriate authority in your domain, you can introduce your own brand and products on the platform. 

If your content appeals to your viewers, they will automatically get converted into customers by consuming it. 

Furthermore, posting these blogs on other platforms besides your websites such as social media channels and other digital publishing platforms such as Medium or Joomag.  These sites not only increase the authority of your content but also widen the scope of the audience to which it can reach and create an impact. Sharing blogs on these sites will also create awareness and consideration for your brands and products.  

Keep updating your website at frequent intervals and make sure that whatever content you are hosting reflects your brand values, proposition, ethics, vision, and mission very clearly. And, more than anything else, make your content relevant for your audience.  

Before you create your content, make sure to list out the objectives that you are expecting the content to deliver. While you chart out these objectives make sure to align them with the organizational goals simultaneously. For instance, you can be aiming to create awareness, generate leads, or convert them into customers. Your content should be curated in a manner to cater to your requirements. 

Divide your content as per the stages of a buyer’s cycle and create accordingly. These three stages are awareness, consideration, and conversion. Also, try to repurpose your content as much as you can. For instance, the content for a video can also be used for creating podcasts. Your blogs can be repurposed as social media bytes and there is so much more that could be done. 

3. Lure Customers with Referral Incentives

Offering referral incentives to customers is a great way to generate new leads. Providing them the opportunity to recommend or introduce their family, friends, or colleagues to your brand and rewarding them in return is the referral incentive method of digital marketing. 

However, it is important that you introduce your referral strategy at the right time to your customers. For instance, if a customer has just made a purchase from your site but the product was not up to the mark, the chances are very less that he would want to recommend your brand to someone else. And, asking for a referral at such a time might simply be the worst move you could pull. Hence, timing your referral strategy correctly is imperative. One of the ways of doing this would be to launch a small customer satisfaction survey or take some time out to review and respond to your customer feedback and solve the concern of your patrons. 

The other best time to offer a referral incentive is just as a user visits your website. As the customer is on his way to learn about your brand, you can trigger him into the consideration funnel by introducing a referral reward. 

The incentives in the referral program can be offered in many forms.  It is important to make sure that whatever you are offering to your customers is relevant and useful for them. For instance, if you are introducing a referral incentive to your potential customers when they visit your website, you can ideally offer them discounts coupons or offers such as BOGO (Buy one Get One). Alternatively, if you are asking for referrals once they have made the transaction on your website, you can offer them some cashback, reward points or e-wallet money. 

4. Make use of Technology 

One of the sure-shot tactics to attract more customers is to make use of technology.  AI, Machine Learning, Predictive Analysis, Voice Search, etc. are examples of such technologies. You can incorporate chatbots on your website to address the frequently asked queries of your visitors. Paying attention to such small details would not only ensure conversion but make sure that your customers keep coming back to your website repetitively. 

You can also make use of predictive analytics to forecast the performance of your new launches and foray into markets. Combine it with digital analytic tools and get elaborate reports of consumer behavior, demography, purchasing capacity, etc.  Predictive analytics can help marketers in gauging the type of response they are aiming at while hosting a campaign. Hence, they can also predict the returns accurately. 

Incorporate voice search methods in your marketing strategy to enhance your visibility and reach to your customer base. Since voice-search technology makes use of AI, the customers searching for results through it are likely to get relatively personalized recommendations from the search engine. The key to successfully leverage voice-search technology is to curate intent rich content for customers. Intent rich content is growing in popularity amongst users as well as search engines. Hence, focusing on your content can definitely get you a lot of traction. 

5. Connect through Email

Email Marketing must be a familiar concept to most of you reading this blog. It involves interacting with your audience through email communication. You can carry out a survey to identify your niche consumers and create a bulk email campaign for them. 

You can also share invitations for newsletter subscriptions to your audience. This is a great way to attract online customers whenever you launch a new product. You can also keep them updated about the ongoing discount and price cuts that you may be offering on your services.  

Through emails, you can announce events such as meet and greets, exhibitions, and even giveaways to attract new customers. You can also use email to map the customer satisfaction rate and ask them to refer you further. 

However, you must remember to not go overboard with email marketing as it could be really off-putting for your client base.  

Combining the above-mentioned methods can certainly help you in attracting more and more customers online. 

Carefully though techniques will help you in the generation as well as retention of new leads.  However, we hope that the ones we have suggested turn out to be helpful for you. If they do, let us know how exactly have you benefited from them. Also, do not forget to share these tips with those who you think might benefit from implementing them. 


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