How To Use Email Marketing Effectively To Increase Leads?

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How To Use Email Marketing Effectively To Increase Lead


Email Marketing continues to be one of the significant verticals of Digital Marketing for the purposes of business lead generation. It still competes at par with social media and several other forms of marketing even with their growing popularity. It is preferred because email campaigns help marketers to get in touch with the end-users directly. Emails help marketers to easily explain their customers about a product or service.

However, like every marketing strategy, each email campaign does not guarantee success. Just the way each strategy needs to be carefully designed to deliver the desired outcomes, an email marketing campaign has to be strategized in a similar fashion.

So, gather insights from our Email Marketing Experts, we have come up with this guide on How To Use Email Marketing Effectively To Increase Leads. This guide will help you get the best results out of your Email Marketing Campaign.

Let us get started.

Email Marketing best practices in 2021

  • Personalize the Email Campaigns

Identifying the source that helps in the lead generation is imperative because every email chain is created to fulfill a different objective. For example, some of your leads may be coming organically from your website but the others may land through your social media channels. 

So, when you figure out the source, the email can be personalized to cater to the requirements of your readers. Personalizing emails make the target audience feel that they are being heard. This helps brands in establishing a strong relationship with these prospects. 

Consider this: If you receive a marketing email that feels as if it has been personalized just for you, chances are high that you will open it. 

However, some people may think that targeting or personalizing the email campaign is tedious and requires too much effort. Thankfully, email automation and some other tools make this job easier. A good email marketing software has several features which come with distinctive segmentation features and tools that focus the source of leads. 

Platforms such as Netflix are an excellent example. Netflix targets its consumers and sends them super-targeted emails in the form of subscription or show reminders, suggesting content as per the customer’s liking, and so much more. Knowing and understanding the customer’s expectations is what has sustained the brand so far.

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Email Marketing
  • Offer Value to Readers 

In order to ensure that your emails have a successful open rate where the target audience actually opens and reads them, you must offer value. It implies that the email should focus on offering a solution to a problem through the offers, product, or service that you are highlighting in your email. 

Once you have segmented your target audience, you will be aware of the solutions that they are looking for. Hence, you can focus and talk about the solution in your email campaigns. This will help you to build a direct camaraderie with your email subscribers.  Once you win the attention of your readers, you can pitch them to your site where they can purchase or learn in-depth about your solution. 

Look at this perfect example by Myntra:

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reason sale

They are offering value to their customer by notifying them about their ongoing sale where the products can be purchased at lower costs so that the customer visits their website and makes a purchase.

  • Right Start and Perfect End

By now you are aware of the solution that your target audience is looking for. You also know what you are going to offer to them. The job is to work on the content of your email campaign. Only the right starting to an email will conclude into the perfect ending. 

For instance, you will need to start with the information that describes the gist of your email. However, try to make them catchy (not clickbait ish) just as you will see in the case of a headline of a newspaper article or any video on YouTube. Make the subject of the email impressive. In case the reader is really looking for the service, they will go through the mail and visit your website in the next step. 

Consider this example by Adobe: 

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Reduce workload

They have kept their content short and to the point. The whole creative is clean, easy to comprehend, and is not bombarded with text. You do not even see the usage of too many colors which gives the email a very consistent feel and does not distract the email subscribers. 

The end matters just as much as the start of the email campaign. Hence remember to gauge the mood of the conversation and end it with a formal or casual one-liner along with your email signature. 

As per Hubspot, email between the length of 50 – 125 words have a higher open rate. So, you can stick to this word limit to ensure that your email campaigns deliver in accordance with your objectives.  

  • Keep In Touch With Readers

There are several other emails that your subscriber might be receiving in the course of a single day. Hence, try to be kind to them by pragmatically timing the frequency at which you send them emails. This will keep you from getting lost in their inbox. It is not necessary that you send promotional or transactional emails every time. You can fill in these gaps by informing them about an incentive program, new launches, or simply share a snippet of an informative blog post with them.  

The best way to keep your email subscribers interacting with your business is through newsletters. However, the trick is again to time the frequency that even your customers can respect. Also, do not lag on sending newsletters as and when you promise. Loyal readers actually follow business newsletters seriously. 

Emails are the easiest way to interact and stay in touch with your customers. We also believe that they are the quickest means for lead generation that translate into definitive outcomes. If you think we have missed any points in these articles, we will be more than glad if you share them with us. Do let us know if you liked the tips shared by us. And, if you did, do not forget to share this with fellow marketers. 

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