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Google SERP is not a technical jargon but it is important for all the website owners to understand in detail. Google SERP stands for the search engine result page. When we search for anything in google, google returns us some data in the listing format and each page has around 10 results.

Let us understand this in more detail taking a real-life example. In earlier days when we used to search on google, we get website pages indexed by google for that respective keywords but as Google is changing its ranking algorithms and keeping in the customer in focus, Google has changed a lot of things in home page and now google home is not a list of 10 results but a combination of things which help google to enhance user experience and provide the relevant information they are looking for. 

For example, you type a keyword or phrase into Google search engine “Digital Marketing Consultant in India”. When google will returning the results Google will factor many things in the algorithms like user’s location, what location you are searching in?, user browning history, social media activities, youtube browsing history etc., my results for these keywords will be different sitting in Delhi than someone searching for the same keywords stilling in Mumbai.

Google home page structure 

Every search engine works in a different way how to provide information to the user. Google dominates the search engine market and that is why we are focusing on Google in this article. Let’s understand what all google uses to make user experience better.

  1. Google Ads 
  2. Google zero ranking or definition rank
  3. Google Business listing or Local results
  4. Keyword suggestions under the section “People also asked”
  5. Youtube video suggestion
  6. Wikipedia results
  7. Google image suggestion
  8. Organic SEO results.
  9. Shopping ads
  10. News results

Google Ads 

Google paid search or Google PPC results are the first thing that you will see when you search on google. Search engine optimization takes time and some people want quick traffic and results so they use google ads. 

Google PPC

Google Rank Zero

Google rank zero or P0 which is also known as Position zero is a google rich snippets feature. P0 aims to directly answer searchers’ questions, without needing to click the search result link. It appears above organic SEO listings. I was helping Madhu Instruments Pvt. Ltd. with search engine optimization and we achieve rank Zero in 4 months for the keyword “ophthalmic trephine punch”

Google Rank Zero or P0

Google Business listing or Local results

As discussed earlier, Google is trying to give personalized results to everyone, and google business listing or local result will be different for each user bases on their location. If you are looking for a salon or petrol pump etc google will try to show you the closest option first.

Local search results

Keyword suggestions or People also asked

When user is searching for a keyword or phrase google offer you to click on more relevant terms which helped other people also find the information they were looking for.

Google search suggestions

Youtube video suggestion

Google not only index text and images but also index video and voice under the videos. This is a rich snippets feature of google to show relevant information to user and faster.

Google Rich Snippets.

Organic SEO results

Search Engine Optmization

Wikipedia results

Wikipedia Results in search

Shopping ads

Google Shopping Ads

News results

News results in google

Google Rich Snippets

Google Rich Snippets


Google owns 90% of world search, and if you want to be visible and need leads and want to generate leads from your website you can not ignore Google or search engine optimization. Right now Google is not just a search engine but a complete ecosystem in itself. Major products that you are using are owned by google like Google Search, Youtube, Gmail, Blogger, and many more. Only optimizing your website for organic search results will not help you. We need to take the leverage of social media and Rich Snippets that google provides to cover the maximum area of google’s home page.

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